US Sold Only MILLETER Magnetic Screen Door, Full Frame Door Curtain with Heavy-Duty Mesh, Self Sealing Hands Free Easy Velcro Tape Installation, Pet and Kid Friendly, Fits Door Size 38” x 82”

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  • JPY: $1,606
  • JPY: ¥1,606

DURABLE PREMIUM MATERIAL: The heavy-duty mesh with quality stitching is wear resistant & durable with a smooth surface. Ideal mesh size lets breezes through, but mosquito out.

SMOOTH OPENING & CLOSING: Offers a hands-free passage even for kids and pets thanks to 26 super magnet segments with a low resistance design.

FITS MOST DOOR SIZES: Generous measurements of 39 × 84″ for sizes beyond the standard residential door size. IMPORTANT: Measure your door frame before ordering to ensure a fit!

EASY & RELIABLE INSTALLATION: Simply apply the supplied Velcro tape to the door frame for installation. The extra Velcro width of 1.6” ensures that the screen won’t come off.

REMOVABLE & WASHABLE: Can be taken down in seconds for a thorough handwash or for storage at the end of summer.


Product Description


Product Description

With the MILLETER magnetic screen door, you can protect your home from mosquitoes without shutting out summer breezes.

An optimized design with 26 super magnets allows hands-free opening and closing, so even children and pets can pass through without effort. The reliable Velcro connection to the frame not only allows for easy installation in minutes, but also quick removal for washing or a change of season. We also provide 20 tacks for extra security on wooden frames. Our heavy-duty mesh material is durable, ensuring that you will enjoy our product for many years to come.


Model : CC1204

Color : Black

Materials : Polyester & 26 Magnets

Package Dimensions : 13.4 × 3.2 in (34 × 8 cm)

Open Dimensions : 39 × 84 in (100 × 214 cm)

Package Weight : 1.1 lb (0.5kg)

Package Contents

1 × Magnetic Screen Door

1 × 1.6” × 3.3 ft Velcro Tape

1 × 0.8” × 3.3 ft Velcro Tape

1 × Carry Bag

20 × Tacks for Wooden Frame

1 × User Manual[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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