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  • $7.95
    • JPY: $852
    • JPY: ¥852
    • Durable Scraper: Reinforced shovel and scraper made of cold-resistant PP material to provide high durability for removing thick ice even at low temperatures of -40℉(-40 ℃).
    • Efficient Ice Removal: The toothed scraper side crushes even thick ice sheets in seconds. The shovel side removes crushed ice and sow flush to the windshield.
    • Waterproof Mitten: Precision-stitched 600D Oxford fabric provides high waterproofness and enable a long lifetime.
    • Warm Filling & Soft Handle: A thick fleece filling of the mitten keeps your hand warm even in the lowest temperatures. The foam covered handle provides a better and more comfortable grip.
    • Snowproof Wristband: The mitten features an elastic band that keeps snow away from the inside of the glove.
  • $8.99
    • JPY: $963
    • JPY: ¥963
    • Durable Fabric: Made from waterproof polyester with interwoven Oxford PU fabric. Precise stitching high quality fasteners ensure a long lifetime.
    • Extra Large Size Fits Most Vehicles: Measuring 84 × 59 × 45”, the cover fits most cars, trucks, SUVs and vans.
    • Easy to Put On & Take Off: Unfolding and securing the cover is done in a matter of seconds, greatly saving you time compared to cleaning the windshield or removing ice and snow.
    • Theft- & Windproof: Elastic retaining straps and hooks secure the cover at the rear-view mirrors and rims. Theft protection is ensured with the door frame fastening overhang.
    • Easy to Stow Away: Folds into a small and lightweight size that can be neatly stored in the supplied storage bag
  • $19.99
    • JPY: $2,142
    • JPY: ¥2,142
    • Complete Set For All Conditions: High capacity shovel for quick snow clearing. Durable & teethed scraper removes even thick ice. Soft snow brush bristles, which do not scratch your car paint. Soft squeegee for quick removal of molten snow.
    • Light Yet Durable: The aluminum poles and structurally reinforced ABS attachments resist low temperatures of -40 ℉(-40 ℃) and are durable enough to deal with thick ice and deep snow.
    • Extendable Aluminium Poles: The telescopic poles are durable yet light, allowing a length adjustment between 13.4 and 18.4” for extra reach.
    • Swivel Brush Head: Adjust the angle of the brush & squeegee head with a press of the swivel button for perfect snow, ice and meltwater clearing according to your car’s windshield angle.
    • Quick Assembly: All parts can be assembled in seconds, allowing a flexible use depending on the weather conditions, saving storage space in the car.