US Sold Only MILLETER Beach Umbrella, UV 50+ Outdoor Portable Sunshade Umbrella with Sand Anchor, Push Button Tilt & Carry Bag, 6.5 ft Patio Umbrella for Beach Patio Garden Outdoor

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  • Windproof Frame & Materials: The durable ⌀1.3″ aluminum pole, 8 sturdy glass fiber ribs, air vents and an integrated sand anchor allow the umbrella to withstand even strong wind gusts.
  • Quad Air Vent Design: Not only do the air vents enable higher wind resistance but also allow trapped heat to escape so that you don’t break a sweat.
  • Easy Set-Up & Tilt Mechanism: Simply deploy the sand anchor, open the umbrella with the ergonomic locking mechanism and tilt the umbrella for optimal shade coverage.
  • UPF50+ Protection: Our double-coated 140G Polyester fabric effectively blocks UVA and UVB rays to protect your skin.
  • Easy To Carry & Store: Take the umbrella apart in seconds and carry it in the convenient carry bag. The low weight of only 4.2 lbs can even be carried by a child.

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使用 MILLERTER 沙滩伞,您可以真正享受海滩。由于其耐用的结构和集成的沙锚,您不再需要担心每一阵风。双层涂层的 140G PET 面料可靠地保护您的皮肤免受 UVA/UVB 的伤害,通风口设计可缓解热量。在几秒钟内将其打包并放入方便的手提包中随身携带。



  • 颜色:靛蓝和黄色
  • 材料:聚酯、玻璃纤维和铝
  • 总高度:7.55 英尺
  • 伞直径:6.56 英尺
  • 最大倾斜角度:30°
  • 包装重量:4.23 磅
  • 封装尺寸:45.3 × 4.0 × 4.0 英寸


  • UPF 50+ 防晒
  • 持久双层140G涤纶面料
  • 30° 倾斜角度实现最佳遮光覆盖
  • 8 根耐用的玻璃纤维肋
  • 四通风口设计,可防风并防止热量积聚
  • 一体式螺旋砂锚,稳定性高
  • 易于携带在提供的包中



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