US Sold Only iSiLER Extendable Three in One Snow Removal Kit with Snow Shovel, Ice Scraper, Snow Brush and Squeegee for Cars Trucks

Sale Price: $19.99

  • JPY: $2,142
  • JPY: ¥2,142

  • Complete Set For All Conditions: High capacity shovel for quick snow clearing. Durable & teethed scraper removes even thick ice. Soft snow brush bristles, which do not scratch your car paint. Soft squeegee for quick removal of molten snow.
  • Light Yet Durable: The aluminum poles and structurally reinforced ABS attachments resist low temperatures of -40 ℉(-40 ℃) and are durable enough to deal with thick ice and deep snow.
  • Extendable Aluminium Poles: The telescopic poles are durable yet light, allowing a length adjustment between 13.4 and 18.4” for extra reach.
  • Swivel Brush Head: Adjust the angle of the brush & squeegee head with a press of the swivel button for perfect snow, ice and meltwater clearing according to your car’s windshield angle.
  • Quick Assembly: All parts can be assembled in seconds, allowing a flexible use depending on the weather conditions, saving storage space in the car.

Product Description

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Product Description

Winter is coming. The iSiLER three in one Snow Removal Kit allows you to keep it at bay without a struggle.

The combination of snow shovel, ice scraper, snow brush and squeegee provides all the tools you need to clear deep snow, remove thick and hard ice and wipe melted snow. The light aluminium poles and durable ABS material resists low temperatures and won’t break even in the harshest conditions.


Assembly Instructions 


Handle and Ice Scraper

  1. Press the inner retaining pin on the thicker end of the pole and attach the handle or ice scraper.
  2. Do not attach the handle or scraper to the thinner end of the pole.


Brush and Shovel

Press the inner retaining pin on the thinner end of the pole and attach the brush or shovel.


Usage Guideline

  1. This snow removal kit is intended for clearing ice and snow from windshields.
  2. Avoid contact with car paint to prevent scratches.


Telescopic Pole Extension and Contraction

Extend or contract the telescopic pole by pressing the quick release button.


Snow Brush Angle Adjustment

Press the swivel button of the snow brush to adjust its angle



Materials: Aluminium, ABS, PP

Color: Silver & Yellow



Telescopic Pole: 13.4 to 18.4 in

Snow Brush: 10.24 × 7.42 in

Snow Shovel: 11.81 × 6.3 in

Handle: 5.51 × 4.33 in

Ice Scraper: 5.91 × 4.13 in

Total Weight: 1.76 lbs


Package Contents

2 × Telescopic Pole

1 × Snow Brush

1 × Snow Shovel

1 × Handle

1 × Ice Scraper[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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