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  • $70.78
    • JPY: $7,585
    • JPY: ¥7,585
    • コンパクトでパワフル】サイズ228×150×373 mm、狭いスペースでもすんなりとフィットします。リビングルーム、寝室、キッチン、オフィス、勉強部屋、倉庫、洗濯場、その他、いろいろな場所に。大容量2リットル入り水タンクは着脱式設計。一日あたり最大750 mlの水分を除湿します。適応床面積15-25 m2/9-15畳です。
    • 【湿気取り&脱臭効果】湿気を減らすことで、衣類、寝具、木製家具を乾燥した状態に保ち、ダニ、白カビ、空気中のカビ臭などを取り除いて、涼しく快適な空間を保ちます。前面空気取入口のフィルターは掃除がしやすく、不純物をさらによく取り除きます。
    • 【ボタンひとつの操作&自動オフ機能】オン/オフボタンを押すだけのシンプル操作。作動中はグリーンライトが表示されます。水タンク満水状態になると表示がイエローに変わり、機器の電源は自動的にオフになります。
    • 【静音&安心設計】40 dBの低操作音なので、会議や読書、睡眠中などの静かな環境でも使用できます。安全性はETLにより検査認証されています。
    • 【スムーズなアフターサービス】3カ月間無条件返品・交換および12カ月間製品保証付です。ご質問に対しては、お客様の満足を第一とするアフターサービススタッフが迅速にお答え致します。
  • $39.99
    • JPY: $4,286
    • JPY: ¥4,286
    • SAFE & RELIABLE: Made from fire-retardant materials; adopts premium PTC ceramic heating elements that do not consume oxygen and produce no flames or lights, creating a healthier and more comfortable environment; grilles on the air inlet and outlet prevent children from being hurt
    • EASY TO OPERATE: Features a temperature range of 41 °F-95 °F; rotate the thermostat control dial to lower the temperature once the room is warm, this will greatly reduce power consumption
    • INSTANT WARM-UP: Heats up a room within seconds thanks to its 1,500 W output, reliable ceramic heating elements and large air outlet; distributes warm air evenly around a large area of up to 108 sq. ft.; suitable for living rooms, dressing rooms, bedrooms, studies, offices and more
    • COMPACT, PORTABLE& CONVENIENTOnly measures 6 in x 6.7 in x 7 in and weighs in at just 38.8 oz; the light weight and ergonomic handle allow for easy transportation
    • WARRANTY: We provide a 90-day return policy and a 12-month warranty from the date of your purchase
  • $14.99
    • JPY: $1,606
    • JPY: ¥1,606

    DURABLE PREMIUM MATERIAL: The heavy-duty mesh with quality stitching is wear resistant & durable with a smooth surface. Ideal mesh size lets breezes through, but mosquito out.

    SMOOTH OPENING & CLOSING: Offers a hands-free passage even for kids and pets thanks to 26 super magnet segments with a low resistance design.

    FITS MOST DOOR SIZES: Generous measurements of 39 × 84″ for sizes beyond the standard residential door size. IMPORTANT: Measure your door frame before ordering to ensure a fit!

    EASY & RELIABLE INSTALLATION: Simply apply the supplied Velcro tape to the door frame for installation. The extra Velcro width of 1.6” ensures that the screen won’t come off.

    REMOVABLE & WASHABLE: Can be taken down in seconds for a thorough handwash or for storage at the end of summer.

  • $12.99
    • JPY: $1,392
    • JPY: ¥1,392
    • BATTERY-POWERED LED GLOW STICK: Adopts a 3 W RGB LED which can emit 15 different shades of brilliant light; powered by 3 AAA batteries to give up to 12 hours of glow; can be reused by replacing the batteries, making it more environmentally friendly than most glow sticks
    • TWO GLOWING MODES: Comes with two glowing modes including steady single color and color changing mode; be spoilt for choice with 15 individual colors, or turn to color changing mode to match the mood in bars or at live concerts
    • EASY TO OPERATE: Equipped with Next/Previous buttons on the bottom of the stick, so there is no need to cycle through all the colors to find the one you want; easy to operate and user-friendly
    • COMPACT, LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: Just 25 cm long, meaning it conforms to most venue regulations and will easily fit in your bag; a weight of only 77 g means you can wave it all night long; the safety strap at the bottom ensures you won’t lose the wand; add even more flair to those atmospheric nights with iSiLER
    • OTHER DETAILS & WARRANTY: Includes 3 AAA batteries; has a diameter of 3 cm and a length of 15 cm (lit section); visible range of over 500 m on a clear night; can be used at concerts and celebrations, or as a signal or warning light outdoors; 3-month refund or replacement policy; 12-month replacement warranty for defective products from the date of purchase